Vocational Training

Vocational Training

We are blessed with a demographic dividend can take up to greater heights. Between 2017 and 2025, 100 million young people are excepted to center india’s workforce. Youth are our strength and for reaping the benefits of demographic dividend the private and public sector has to create millions of jobs and facilitate the employment of youth. The time has come to appropriately train youth to improve their employability in response to changing pattern of employment. Skilling up india’s particularly od South Rajasthan’s youth with micro entrepreneurship will take a combination of partnership with leading organization and the use of the newest educational technologies.

In times of fast changing technology., thrust on ‘Digital India’ with a vision to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy is the need of the hour providing access to governance and services to all citizens. Digital India has gained momentum with the Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and mobile services. GST Network and the Integrated Health Information Systems.

E-Governance is an essential part of government dream of Digital India’s, the more technology by way of vocational training the youth we infuse in governance, the better it is for all of use and India.

Keeping in sync with the government’s priority to education and skill development, given the dynamic nature of the industry’s requirements, our polices as well as the training & capacity building programmes would need constant revision to keep them relevant and effective for skilling our people at a scale with speed and quality.

Recognizing the fact the today different industries attract different skill-sets and talents, Chamber would like to remain inspired and work diligently to make our region the Education & Skill Hub ‘ for rest of India and the globe, with skilling through vocational training of youth of south Rajasthan on the lines of global standards! In view of above, UCCI aims to focus on developing talent that is relevant and closer to the region’s requirements by way of partnership with the academia to create specific programmers & training that encourage innovation, best practices and skill development initiatives among students and youth fraternity.

To fulfill above objective, UCCI has established “UCCI Vocational Training Center” at its Chamber Bhawan at M.I.A.,Madri, Udaipur, with start date as 1st July, As a proactive and forward-thinking organization, UCCI’S endeavor is to create meaningful and value-added services, programmers & trainings to meet the needs services, programmers & trainings to meet the needs of an ever-changing world, and so established Center’s main trust would to be mentor youngsters and budding entrepreneurs keeping in view the industry’s present requirements.

Download The Brochure For GST Skilled Accountants Training Programme 
Download The Brochure For Course on 3D Printing, IOT and Robotics 
  • Renowned Chartered Accountants.
  • Tally Expert in GST
  • Industry Experts in 3D Printing, IOT and Robotics
  • Visiting Guest Faculty
Certificate & Placement
  • UCCI shall award “UCCI shall award “Certificates of Competency” to the trainees.
  • UCCI shall facilitate suitable placement to the trainees.
Fees for the Training Courses
  • GST Skilled Accountants Programme (70 Hrs) – 11,500/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Five Hundred Only) per student.
  • Practical Training on Tally ERP 9 (7 days) – 7,600/- (Rupees Seven Thousand Six Hundred Only) per student.
  • Certificate course on Advanced MS Excel (7 days) – 3,900/- (Rupees Three Thousand Nine Hundred Only) per student.
  • Certificate Course on Stock Market Analysis (7 days) – 3,900/- (Rupees Three Thousand Nine Hundred Only) per student.
  • Certificate Course on 3D Printing, IOT and Robotics (1 Month – 4 Hours daily) – 5,900/- (Rupees Five Thousand Nine Hundred Only) per student.

* Any advance paid on the fee is non refundable in case the student is not able to continue with the course.

**The course content, duration, faculty etc. are subjected to change from time to time.