UCCI aims at making Udaipur, the alternate Industrial and Commercial Capital of Rajasthan by the year 2030 by way of facilitating the harnessing and exploitation of the abundant natural resources of the region, augmenting its tourism potential and establishment of the region as an educational and industrial hub.


  1. Enhance its leadership role by being proactive and providing quality services to its constituents.
  2. Act as a catalyst for rapid economic development and prosperity of the community in the region through promotion of trade, industry and services.
  3. Strengthen linkages for technological advancement through effective Industry – Government – Research partnership.
  4. Emphasize productivity, improve work ethos and encourage business ethics.
  5. Enhance the image of business by effectively projecting its credibility and commitment to the society at large.
  6. To provide most effective contribution to the cause of Small and medium Scale Industries, both economically & socially.