Udaipur Industrial Waste Management & Research Center Trust


Udaipur Industrial Waste Management & Research Center (UIWM&RC) is a Trust constituted by Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI) in 2002 under the Chairmanship of District Collector, Udaipur. To ensure the compliance of Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules

1989 and subsequent amendments, it was felt necessary to develop Common Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (CTSDF) for the disposal of hazardous waste, generated by the various industries in the State. The major objective of formation of this trust is for the development and management of Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility in the Gudli, Rajasthan and other environment related projects in Udaipur for the benefit of Industries.

Today the UIWM&RC (the Trust) along with significant efforts of UCCI (the Promoter) and Re Sustainability Limited formerly known as Ramky Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (the operator) is successfully managing the above mentioned Facility on Built, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT) basis for the purpose of scientific management of Hazardous Waste and to provide for a fully integrated system to serve for collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste generated by the registered/to be registered member industries of Rajasthan with the Promoter in accordance with the provisions of statutory rules and as per the directions of the various regulatory authorities of the State / Central Government or Pollution Control Board etc.

The board of trustees of UIWM&RC includes representations from various industrial associations / industrial waste generators of Rajasthan. Representatives of associations like UCCI, MSME Association, Udaipur, Bhiwadi Manufacturer’s Association, Bhiwadi, Vishwakarma Industries Association, Jaipur and Industrial Association Jodhpur are among the Trustees of UIWM&RC.

Donations to this trust have 50% tax exemption for Indian donors. We are registered under 80 G and 12 AA.


The Trust works for the following objectives -

1. To develop and maintain the site for Common Waste Treatment and Secured Land Fill Facility (CWT&SLF) in accordance with the provisions of the Hazardous Waste Management Rules 2016 and its subsequent amendments.

2. To do all acts, and things, necessary for and conducive to the promotion of environmental improvements generally.

3. To promote, to grant aids to research laboratories, institutions engaged in the research work of pollution control of any nature.

4. To assist institutions engaged in pollution control by grants from income or corpus and in any other ways.

5. To enter into any agreements or arrangements with any Government, Local Authority, Institution, Body of Individuals as may appear conducive to the objects of the Trust and to carry out exercise and comply with such agreements and arrangements.

6. To print, publish, distribute or support any publications, periodical or note for furtherance of the objectives of trust.

7. To organize and support conferences, seminars, classes and discussions for the promotion of the aforesaid objects or any of them.

8. To promote compliance of the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986, or any other environmental Law having the force of law in India or for Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2016, Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989: as amended from time to time.

9. To assist educational /voluntary institutions in promoting environment consciousness among the students by providing free curriculum and environment related books to the poor students falling under BPL for the benefit of the society.

10. To organize free medical check-up blood donation camps in association with large Hospital & Medical Research Centres or other organizations for the benefit of the poorer sections of the society.

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