UIWM&RC History

History of the CHWTSDF Project

Subsequent to pursuance of the State Board, Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI), Udaipur identified a site near Village Gudli, Tehsil Mavli Distt. Udaipur. The area of the site was 8 Hectares. The State Pollution Control Board took initiative for development of CTSDF and carried EIA study of the referred site through M/s. National Productivity Council (NPC) in the year 1996.

The State Pollution Control Board forwarded EIA report with recommendations to the State Govt. The State Govt, satisfied with recommendations of the State Board, set apart the site vide Gazette Notification No. SO 290 dated 1/12/97.

The UCCI subsequently constituted a Trust in 2002 named as Udaipur Industrial Waste Management and Research Centre under the Chairmanship of district Collector, Udaipur for development of disposal facility on set apart land. On request of the UCCI, the detailed feasibility for the development of Hazardous Waste Disposal Project was conducted by M/s. SENES Consultants Ltd. and M/s. HMJ Associates, Canada during the year 2002-2003. Besides, M/s SENES Consultant Ltd also conducted detailed EIA of the site, for development of disposal facility. As per the provisions of section 8 (4) of HWMR, 1989, a public hearing was conducted on dated 7.5.2005 for general agreement of the site by public at large for development of disposal facility. The State Pollution Control Board forwarded the proceedings of the public hearing and EIA report to the State Govt. for approval of the site as required under section 8(5) of the rule. The State Government after examining the recommendations of the State Pollution Control Board, EIA report and record of the public hearing granted approval of the site under sections 8(6) of the rules vide letter dated 15.7.05. Subsequent to approval of the site, the Trust submitted application for consent to establish under the provisions of Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981 for establishment of disposal facility at the approved site under the name of Rajasthan Waste Management Trust. The State Board, after examination of applications granted consent to establish for development of disposal facility vide letter dated 28.7.05 The Trust subsequently selected M/s. Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. Hyderabad for development of this disposal facility on BOOT basis.

Ramky has also installed incinerator of 2000 MTA capacity for incineration of Incinerable hazardous waste, effective from June 2022. Authorization for the same was granted by the State Pollution Control Board vide their letter no. F(HSW)/Udaipur(Mavli)/15(1)/2016-2017/5452-5454 dated 07.01.2022.

Major Events

plastics seminar

Seminar on alternative and legal framework in India on Plastics & e-Waste Management [7th March 2022]

Shri Tarachand Meena, District Collector, Udaipur was the Chief Guest of the event and sessions were delivered by Mr. Prabhjot Sodhi, Senior Program Director, Circular Economy at Centre for Environment Education, Mr. Vinay Katta, Regional Officer RSPCB, Udaipur and Mr. Kapil Kumar, Senior Specialist at Karo Sambhav.
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Workshop on Management of Effluent, Air Pollution & Solid Waste from MSME [3rd December 2021]

The workshop was focused on key issues, challenges and opportunities for waste water treatment and role of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) and to find a way forward towards sustainable approaches aiming Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Shri J. S. Kamyotra, Former Member Secretary of CPCB, Shri Bobby E Kurien from Re Sustainability Ltd. and Shri Ashok Puri Ex Chief Environmental Engineer, RSPCB were eminent speakers at the event.

Students visited UCCI as part of Bicycle Rally on Environment [8th January 2022]

We welcomed a bicycle rally of students from BN School and Vidyabhawan Polytechnic. Executive Officer, UIWM&RC Dr. Sakshi Jain delivered a session on the activities of UCCI & UIWM&RC in promoting environment and the Hazardous Waste Management Project.

Awareness Programme on Management of Hazardous Waste [4th October 2018]

Dr. B. Sengupta, Former Member Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi, India delivered sessions on Applicable Rules and Regulation Under Various Environmental Acts for Industries and Issues on Regulatory Compliance.
UIWM&RC History

Conference on Industrial Hazardous Waste & E-Waste Management [15th January 2020]

Chief Guest was Shri Mukesh Jain, Chief Inspector, RajFAB who spoke on industrial safety and compliance for labour handing hazardous waste. The program was also attended by Shri Arun Misra, CEO, Vedanta Hindustan Zinc who gave his address on industrial waste management.