UCCI Membership

To become a Regular Member or Associate Member of UCCI, the applicant can obtain the application form from UCCI’s office or from website www.ucciudaipur.com. The duly filled in application form alongwith Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of “Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industry” payable at Udaipur towards prescribed Admission fee, Capital Fund, Program Fund, Capacity Building Fund & Annual Subscription for the current financial year to be submitted to the UCCI Secretariat for Regular Membership.

For Associate Members, Form for Associate Membership to be filled along-with the required fees, as specified in Fee Structure for Associate Membership. Duly filled Membership Application Form to be submitted to UCCI Secretariat.
The application form to be proposed and seconded by Chamber Members, who are members of UCCI for more than three years, and having no outstanding against UCCI. The Secretariat staff shall scrutinize the application from and if it is found okay, the same shall be submitted to the Membership Screening Sub Committee.
The Membership Screening Committee after scrutinizing the eligibility of membership under section 3 of constitution put up the same before Executive Committee for their final decision. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be intimated to the applicant by Secretary General. The Executive Committee reserves the right to reject any membership application without mentioning any reason.

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Eligibility / Qualification:

  1. Entrepreneur, Trader, Professional (CA, Engineer, Architect, Doctor, Media persons, Builders, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), NRIs, etc. without limitation of education or nationality)
  2. Any legally established business organization, anywhere in the world.
  3. Business/Individual must at-least possess a Tax account number such as PAN number, in India or equivalent, if from outside India.
  4. Person of repute.

Rights, Privileges and Duties:

  1. All communications shall be sent to them by email.
  2. Associate members can partake in all events/workshops/seminars organized by UCCI, which are not exclusively for members, free of charge. They shall enjoy privilege tariffs for all other events/ workshops/seminars organized by UCCI.
  3. Can utilize Chambers’ facilities (infrastructure) at privilege tariffs, as applicable to associate members.
  4. Shall not have any voting rights. Cannot partake in elections to the Executive Council.
  5. Can be nominated to honorary posts such as Secretary / Treasurer.
  6. Shall enjoy access to the UCCI website and can host a page at designated privilege tariffs for associate members from time to time.
  7. Must deposit their annual fees at the scheduled time for continuity of their membership.
  8. Can contribute to UCCI as experts in carrying out any of its Committee functions and also serve as experts in Events/workshops, contribute articles to its business publications as per UCCI policy, etc.
  9. Can align with UCCIs objectives and contribute to the achievement of its Overall Objective, of Economic Development of the Region’s Trade and Business promotion.

Fee Schedule:

Sr No. Particulars Fee (in Rs.) GST @ 18%(in Rs.) Amount (in Rs.)
1 Admission fee for all category of members 15000 2700 17700
2 Compulsory Capital Contribution 10000 1800 11800
3 Programme Fund 1000 180 1180
Annual Subscription for Manufacturing Industries Services Industries Traders Professional and Institutions :
Sr No. Annual Turnover Subscription (in Rs.) GST @ 18%(in Rs.) Amount (in Rs.)
1 Upto Rs. 1.5 Crore 3000 540 3540
2 More than Rs. 1.5 Crore but below Rs. 3 Crores 3500 630 4130
3 More than Rs. 3 Crore but below Rs. 5 Crores 5000 900 5900
4 More than Rs. 5 Crore but below Rs. 10 Crores 6000 1080 7080
5 More than Rs. 10 Crore but below Rs. 50 Crores 8000 1440 9440
6 More than Rs. 50 Crore but below Rs. 100 Crores 10000 1800 11800
7 More than Rs. 100 Crores 15000 2700 17700
Annual Subscription for Others :
Sr No. Particulars Subscription (in Rs.) GST @ 18%(in Rs.) Amount (in Rs.)
1 For Member-Bodies/Associations 5000 900 5900