UCCI Membership Card

UCCI Membership Privilege Card

The UCCI Membership Privilege Card is offered to all member organisations and is issued to the nominees of the member company registered with our Chamber. It carries a host of features which enable the cardholder to avail the benefits of UCCI membership.

Following are the terms of use of the Membership Privilege Cards:

1. First Time Issuing: There is no charge for the first time issuing of the cards. When a new organisation joins UCCI as its member, we issue membership privilege cards to the nominees absolutely free of charge.

2. Reissuing when cards are lost/damaged/nominee change: In case of card being lost, damaged or change of nominee, there is a card reissuing process. The member organisation needs to formally inform about the card lost/damaged or change of nominee in writing and request reissue of the card. A reissuing charge is applicable in this case.

3. Transferring of the Card: The card is issued by the name of the nominee hence it is non transferable and can not be used by anyone not authorised by the member organisation to use the card.

4. Cancellation of the Card: In case of membership terminations/suspensions the privilege cards need to be forfeited. In case the cards are not deposited then the card will be automatically cancelled and discontinued.

5.  Validity of the Card: The card is valid for a period of 3 years or till the date mentioned on the cards. On expiry of the duration, we’ll issue new cards to the current nominees of the member organisation free of charge.

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