Register as Non Member

 Terms of the Registration
  1. All Certificates of Origin shall be issued by UCCI to the Exporter mentioned in the application based on their acceptance of this document and the terms mentioned herein.
  2. All certificates will be issued on submission ofduly attested documents by the exporter.
  3. The Contact Person mentioned in this membership registration form must be a current employee/partner/owner of the Exporter organization. The Exporter shall notify UCCI inwriting, if in case the contact person changes in future.
  4. UCCI shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation/error in the information published on the certificate.
  5. UCCI shall not be held responsible if the Exporter faces any loss of business occurring due to any misrepresentation/error in any information on any Certificate of Origin issued to the Exporter.
  6. Membership is valid for a period on one year.