Lifetime Achievement Award


The Lifetime Achievement Award is in recognition to honour an individual for his/her achievements, knowledge, expertise and resources gained through entrepreneurial experience and using them to create a positive and exemplary social and economic impact in one or more of the 8 districts of South Rajasthan.

This award is a tribute to an individual who has gone beyond the standard obligations of business, successfully achieved prominence demonstrating high standard of ethical practices and professionalism, contribution to the economic growth and development, a lifetime commitment to business and community besides creating a legacy of positive social impact through voluntary services, drive and vision. This award is recognition to the individuals accomplishment brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, leadership, determination, and humanitarianism.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award is for an individual (nominee) of India origin.
  2. The nominee must have had entrepreneurial experience with active business in one or more of the 8 districts of South Rajasthan (Udaipur, Sirohi, Dungarpur, Banswara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Bhilwara & Pratapgarh).
  3. The business unit(s) of the nominee must have remained active of more than 23 years of his entrepreneurial  experience.
  4. The nominee must have created a legacy of positive social impact through voluntary service, drive & division.
  5. This award is conferred once only in a lifetime of an individual.

Selection Process

  1. All Parameters in the “Assessment Matrix” were mandatory for  assessment, to select the nominee of the award.
  2. All the parameters were measured by the selection committee with conspicuous references.
  3. At least 3 acquaintances, one of which a colleague or employee of the nominee were considered as references by the selection committee.
  4. All information provided for the nomination is confidential. Confidentiality will be maintained by the selection committee and by UCCI.
  5. After the initial screening process, the selection committee compromising of all Past Presidents adjudicated the applications to select a recommended award recipient.
  6. An exploratory interview (in person of through established media of communication) with selected nominee conducted to improve the basis of information and references available as part of selection process and assessment criteria since the award is based on the nominee’s spirit and achievements.
  7. The selection committee, if it deems appropriate  reserved the right to recommend that an award not be presented when there are no qualified candidates.
  8. The decision of the selection committee is final and binding without obligation to assign reasons or referenced for the choice of nominee or any public discourse.