Lifetime Achievement Awards

The UCCI Awards are being instituted to celebrate the Economic Progress of Southern Rajasthan by felicitating both established and promising Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of the Region.

Excellence & Passion in Business, Societal & Environmental Consciousness, Ethical Conduct & Creation of Livelihood Avenues for the people of the Region shall be the key tenets of the Awardee Organization & the Individuals.

Shri P.P. Singhal 1st UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
Shri P.P. Singhal
1st UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
YEAR :2016

In the Pre-Independence era, the entire Indian diaspora from Pakistan, in the West, to the far-eastern seven sister Tripura in the East, was in the throes of the Swadeshi movement. A bright and dynamic boy, with a shine in his eyes and confidence in his heart that independent India was not far away, came back to Udaipur after completing his M.Sc. He began preparing for the Post-Independence era, whereby he envisaged that commodities manufactured in India would be in short supply.
Pramod Prakash, then 22 years, embarked upon his entrepreneurship journey in 1942. Those were the days of hardship, lack of communication, hostile British Government and a population which was more engrossed in the Gandhian philosophy and calls for Swaraj. Our grandfathers say that a M.Sc. degree in those days, was the passport to big job responsibilities, in the British Government.
Born on February 13, 1920, Pramod Prakash Singhal, was an avid Sportsman. He indulged in Boating, Badminton, Rifle Shooting and Aquatics with equal finesse. He was founder member in many sports organisations and instrumental in founding quite a few of them, including the Rajasthan Badminton Association.
With his eyes dreaming of business enterprises coupled with a Passion to excel, Pramod laid down the foundation of Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd., at Udaipur around 1942, which was later rechristened PI Industries Ltd, a name to reckon with now.
He was also instrumental in setting up Wolkem India, Chemicals India and also served as Director on Kamani Industries Corp, Hi-tech Glass Precision Works, Sanghi Motors and Pesticides Association of India.
Words are not enough to describe this multi-faceted personality. He was also the Patron of Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Maharana Bhopal Memorial Committee, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Udaipur District, and our very own UCCI (in 1970), the erstwhile Udaipur Industries & Commerce Association. The above list is not complete in any manner. Suffice it to say that this artist of a businessman imprinted the strokes of his brush like an Angel, in all walks of life.
On the parameters of Excellence & Passion in Business, Societal & Environmental Consciousness, Ethical Conduct & Creation of Livelihood Avenues for the people of the Region, the jury for this award deemed it fit to unanimously confer the 1st of its kind, UCCI’s Life Time Achievement Award, to none other than our illustrious founder President Shri P.P. Singhal Sb, posthumously. His good Deeds, Altruistic Style, Illustrious Character & Excellence in Work will be remembered by one and all of us throughout our lives. His vision of creating a self- reliant India with world- class industrial capabilities is very much alive in the form of the Make in India and Skill India Missions. He shall continue to enlighten us and show UCCI its future path in all tenets of UCCIs Life.

Shri L.N. Jhunjhunwala 2nd UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
Shri L.N. Jhunjhunwala
2nd UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
YEAR :2017

L.N. Jhunjhunwala learnt his mathematics at the feet of legendary professor S.N. Bose, drifted to business and earned a great reputation, and profound success with exemplary dynamism and foresight. Economics endeavours could not demish the intensity of his pursuits in social, cultural, and educational dimensions. His ingenuity found ample scope in diverse sectors, but simultaneously, his interes in talent nuturing of the young consistently remains a lasting passion. From trekking in mountians to Tailing Swami, to Panwnar Ashra, from Manduka Upanishad to music, to the top politicians managing the country reveals a personality that strive hard to serve the national interests in the true Gandhian tradition.

Shri Salil Singhal3rd UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
Shri Salil Singhal
3rd UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
YEAR :2018

Shri Salil Singhal as the chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Northern Region which comprise of 9 north states with over 2200 members, for the year 2008-09. Then he headed CII National Council on agriculture. He has been a member of CII’s National council since 3 year. He is also an active member of CII’s National Innovation Council, and the Task Force on corporate Governance.

Shri Raghupati Singhania4th UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
Shri Raghupati Singhania
4th UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
YEAR :2019

It is difficult to introduce a person, who needs no introduction – Dr. Raghupati Singhania- an industry doyen, and a visionary, who has always seen, what others could not. From the well known Singhania family who have their roots in Rajasthan, he started his career in early 60s, by joining the Family’s Steel Business, and never looked back.

Dr. Singhania, keeps himself abreast with changing times. In today’s rapidly changing world this requires a deep commitment to a vision coupled with the ability to foresee change, adapt to it through innovation and entrepreneurial flair.

This combination is not an easy one to find, and seen through this lens. His many achievements are easy to comprehend. Over the years, he has set up various businesses, such as, Pharmaceuticals, Pencillin-G, Sugar, Power transmission systems, V-belts, Oil seals, Industrial rubber products, Auto-components, Agri Genetics, etc. In addition to achievements in his areas of business, his outstanding ability has been recognised on many public platforms and by countries outside India too. Recently, he has been conferred the highest Mexican honour given to a non-Mexican, the ‘Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle’, by the Government of Mexico, in recognition of Dr. Singhania’s exemplary leadership, his noteworthy services towards humanity and his efforts to strengthen bilateral ties between India and Mexico.

All these achievements have not taken Dr. Singhania’s eye away from his responsibility to those not as well-endowed as him. Through his leadership, JK Tyre, has over the years adopted many initiatives to improve the life of the community at large. The focus has been on long term change and he has been personally involved with initiatives in the fields of education, healthcare, livelihood enrichment and environment.
He pioneered Motorsport in India and made it affordable to every young Indian, which today under his guidance has marked a place in global motorsport arena.

Dr. Singhania is the Honorary Advisor for over 20 years,on the Board of “Asia – New Zealand Foundation”, set up by Government of New Zealand. He has served as the Chairman of various Joint Business Councils, such as, India-Argentina; India-Brazil; India-Mexico; India-South Africa, besides others, and led several delegations to number of countries

We applaud him for remaining steadfast in his beliefs and helping others around him to see possibilities in an ever-changing world.

Dr. Ajay Murdia5th UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Ajay Murdia
5th UCCI Lifetime Achievement Award
YEAR :2020

DR. Ajay Murdia is a highly skilled fertility specialist committed to patient advocacy with proven expertise in andrology. He brings extensive experience in assisted reproduction treatments to the care of his patients, and is highly regarded for both his knowledge and proactive approach. He is also associated with many social initiatives related to girl child education, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao initiative etc. which are being run on each of Indira IVF Centers across the country.