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3. Details of the contact person / authorized person
4. Details of the products manufactured with annual quantity
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5. Type of hazardous wastes generated by the facility with estimated annual quantity
Waste type/Description Code/Category as per Sch-I of HWM/BWM/EWM Rules, 2016 Quantity / Annum (MT)/No.
12. Status of EC/Consents/ Authorization * Environmental Clearance (EC) Consent To Establish (CTE) Consent To Operate (CTO) HWM Authorization
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It is hereby declared that the information submitted is true to the best of our knowledge and we will furnish any other information as and when required.

1. Please arrange to submit a copy of receipt for Security Deposit given to the site operator and your first month waste disposal details to UCCI.
2. The security Deposit will be refunded by the site operator at the time of your withdrawal of membership subject to compliance of point 1 above.
3. The Membership needs to be renewed annually on payment of prescribed fees to UCCI.
4. In case you are not able to deposit the mentioned quantity of waste to the operator then please submit necessary clarification regarding the same to UCCI.