Excellence Award 2019

At UCCI we want to measure and recognise excellence within our business community, to build an environment where we learn, share and inspire each other.
(We want to measure key performance indicators that reflect business performance and potential. In addition, as a catalyst, the environment we desire is a network that is supported by an infrastructure (physical and learning resources) that allows reflection, awareness (of our business and the knowledge outside it), openness (to talk about our difficulties and be open to new ideas) and support. This will enable the business community to retain its vitality through generational changes while remaining true to business ethics and supporting the community at large.

Why did the UCCI initiate the Excellence Award

There are many exceptional businesses in Southern Rajasthan, those that have been here for decades, others that are bringing a new wave of commercial and industrial development to the region. They are not only surviving in this increasingly competitive market but are succeeding in building a national and indeed a global presence.

Recognition is the first step towards publicising these success stories and inspiring others to take up new challenge. In 2015-16, when the UCCI Excellence Awards were initiated we tried to ensure that its true purpose could be fulfilled. The awards are not just a celebration of business excellence but an encouragement to pursue it ever harder.

To achieve this the awards need to be perceived as unbiased and open for all. There could have been no better platform for achieving it than at UCCI which is a democratic body of business enterprises. If this initiative could evolve into a template of self- assessment for businesses and in turn, foster an environment of healthy competition, with a robust review process, it would grow a generation of businesses that were learning continuously. This is a growing need of modern businesses.

With sponsors backing the awards for ten years, UCCI plans to conduct the programme every year. That said, if there is no suitable winner in any category, no award will be given in that category.

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List of Finalists for UCCI Excellence Awards – 2019

Glimpse of Excellence Awards 2018

Started in 2015, the UCCI Excellence Awards has gained a reputation as a serious and credible platform for recognising good work done by businesses thus contributing to the economy of Southern Rajasthan. Since its inception, the award process has been constantly improved while maintaining its integrity. The increasing success of the awards is a result of the contributions of many people, including the companies that apply for them.As with every other activity of UCCI, the awards are run by a sub-committee which ensures a free and fair process: from the collection of applications to the jury decision. In 2017 four awards for the manufacturing sector and one for CSR activities were initiated and applications were invited from eight districts.In this third year, the awards committee took upon itself the challenge of not only expanding the region covered by the award, but also increasing the number of categories to include the services sector. Four new districts have been included this year and three awards for the services sector have been added to the original list.One more CSR award has also been added this year; there is now one for large enterprises and a second for small and medium enterprises.The UCCI Excellence Awards has a screening process followed by a professional audit of the award data. All applications and the data shared is treated with the strictest confidentiality. Furthermore, an eminent jury is presented with a short list from which it decides the final outcomes of the awards.

Excellence Awards