Excellence Awards

At UCCI we want to measure and recognise excellence within our business community, to build an environment where we learn, share and inspire each other.

The chamber was established to meet the needs of businesses, these were very different to the needs today. We at the chamber realised the need to see with new eyes how we can support entrepreneurs and existing businesses in today’s changing business environment. Running a business today, with the increasing power of computers, adoption of AI and machine learning, robots for tasks which needed humans, it is important to keep learning and adapting. One of the many, yet critical, challenges entrepreneurs (existing businesses do too) face in a rapidly changing environment is how to acquire new skills all the time. Wanting to remain relevant to the businesses of Udaipur we need to tackle a critical to success factor for businesses today.

Every applicant will receive an individualized consolidated report based on the data provided by them. This would be a confidential report which would be specific to the applicant business, based on performance parameters identified by the committee and jury. We hope using the findings of this report you would be able to improve aspects of your business.


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