Ayad River Cleaning Drive

Ayad river gets its name from the ancient civilization that used to thrive on its banks. The river today is a city storm drain. Mostly unassuming and unimportant in its presence throughout the year. During the rains, it gathers a few onlookers who stop by for a glance from the bridges to fulfill their fantasy of standing over a flowing river. Is it perhaps the fascination of watching otherwise dry and neglected riverbed become so livid by a few inches of rainfall. We the citizens of Udaipur have crossed it countless number of time without thinking much of it’s existence apart from the fact that it demands us to go over a bridge. We could have so much more from this understated water body.

If Udaipur city is on its way to becoming a smart city then why not Ayad river be developed to a magnificent landmark worthy of becoming the identity of the city. With these thoughts, Hon. Home Minister of Rajasthan Shri Gulabchand Kataria, proposed to clean the river banks so that the people might come to realize the possibility of beautification of the river banks. Also, this has been a long standing dream that the Ayad would one day be rid of the city’s waste dumping. To bring this dream to fruition, Kataria ji posed the question to the industries of Udaipur and they responded enthusiastically. Under the leadership of President Shri. Hansraj Choudhary, Udaipur of Commerce and Industry took up the challenge of cleaning 1.25 kms of the river stretching from Sevashram Chouraha to FCI godown in Madri.

This was a monumental task that needed resources well beyond any individual’s capability. The Chairman – Mining Subcommittee of UCCI, Shri Kezar Ali, carried forward the initiative with commitment and coordinated the machinery that was necessary for the task. The cleaning drive began with careful planning of the course of action. Environment was assessed and the kind of expertise required in this activity were consulted. A dedicated dumping site was identified near Chitrakootnagar for the purpose of stabilizing and disposal of the waste, which was to be cleaned from Ayad. This meant transportation was to be managed around the clock. With the basics in place, the cleaning drive was initiated on 16th November, 2017.

On contract basis, heavy earth moving equipment was brought to the Ayad riverbed and the rapid cleaning drive began. Two large dumpers were hired to run all day between the Ayad cleaning site and the dumping site. Continuous monitoring of the work was done by UCCI staff under the supervision of A mining subcommittee and the President himself visited the site several times. The cleaning drive was completed in record time. The following member industries showed great support towards the drive and to acknowledge their contributions a special plaque will be set up on the riverbank.