Excellence Awards

A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence. Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. UCCI Excellence Awards are meant to honour the accomplishments, achievements, value and contributions of business in pro-growth business practices and outstanding entrepreneurial results in an exciting setting of innovation, networking, education and incredible results, while the Lifetime Achievement Awards are meant to honour individuals for their knowledge, expertise and reduces gained through business and using them to create a positive social impact.

In 2016, UCCI instituted a single-category “Lifetime Achievement Awards” for the first time, which was conferred to the founding father of this chamber, Sh. P.P. Singhal in tribute to his entrepreneurial achievement and enormous contribution in setting up Udaipur and its surrounds as a business hub; and the socio-economic dividends it brought to the region.

The Jury

  1. Mr. Anil Vaish
  2. Mr. Jitendra Balakrishnana
  3. Mr. Akhilesh Joshi
  4. Professor Janat Shah
  5. Mr. Sunil Goyal
  6. Ms. Neelima Khetan
  7. Ms. Priyanka Singh

This year, UCCI has decided to mark the beginning of awards in other strategic segments to recognize the contributions of enterprises that has led to initiatives in manufacturing excellence and driving economic growth. The objective of the awards is to provide motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established SME’s, members and non-members of the Chamber alike, to pursue excellence and make a lasting impact of economic growth to the region. Through the UCCI Excellence Award, 2017, the endeavour is to recognise the stars of business excellence  in South Rajasthan with a badge of honour in recognition of their rersistence and in implementing smart business solutions.

UCCI salutes the deserving business enterprises that display the will to win, the desire to succeed and the urges to reach full potential some of the hallmarks that unlock the door to excellence. In the years ahead, UCCI Excellence Awards may evolve further. The Chamber remains committed to honour other lineages of business enterprises that display operational excellence and  superior customer experience with footprints of unquestionable trust, uncompromising integrity and constant credibility.

UCCI contemplates inclusion of sector like Service industries, Trade, Startups, Innovations, Young Budding Entrepreneurs etc.